Motherbody Pilates

Prenatal Care. Birth preparation. Postnatal Recovery.


Online consultations from the comfort of your own home.


Really good Pilates for your Mamabody.


Having a baby is one of the most amazing things ever.

But goodness it takes an ENORMOUS toll on your body!

Bizarre things can happen. Your abs can split. Pelvic organs can droop. Your pelvis can get really clunky. You might find you get all leaky. Your neck and shoulders can get SO sore. 

And what if you want to prepare your body for birth? What if you want to help your baby get into their best position for birth? What if you want to learn how to protect your pelvic floor?

There's nothing else that affects your body quite as much as having a baby.

Standard pilates, yoga, and exercise classes are designed to give you a great 'workout'. But they're not designed to help you navigate pregnancy, prepare for birth, or recover effectively afterwards.

Which is why after working with A LOT of mums, I've developed an approach to help women like you navigate the unique body challenges you encounter as you journey through motherhood.


 Mothebody Pilates offers personalised movement and bodycare to help you care for your body through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 


Gentle. Progressive. Effective. Safe.

Bringing kindness to your INCREDIBLE mamabody. ✨

Motherbody Pilates is for you if you...

  • Just don't feel quite right in your core.
  • Experience pain or dysfunction in your body.
  • Want an easier, more efficient birth. 
  • Want to regain ab strength / heal separation.
  • Are navigating prolapse or diastasis or pelvic girdle pain or leaking. 
  • Want to build all over functional strength and flexibility and resiliance. 
  • Want to stretch tight muscles, get stronger in your core, improve your posture, work on your pelvic floor, relearn the fundamentals of Pilates again 
  • Want an exercise program tailored to the needs of your body that you can easily do at home.
  • Want accountability to show up for yourself, to be cared for, to be guided to nurture your body, and to have your own personal cheerleader who believes in you completely 
  • Want to feel at home in your body again, like you can trust and depend on her, and feel confident she won't fail you.
  • Are currently pregnant, in your first year of motherhood, or had your baby 2, 5, or 15 years ago. There's no time limit to caring for your Motherbody.

Then these individual sessions are made just for you mama. xx

Single Consult.


One Single Session.

  • An Initial Consultation
  • For questions, injuries or concerns specific to your body
  • Birth Prep or Postpartum Recovery
  • To clarify content from one of my classes, workshops or courses


Four Pack.


Four Sessions. One per week.

  • Four weekly sessions
  • Prenatal Care
  • Birth Prep
  • Postnatal Rehab.
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Foundations
  • Birth injury prevention and recovery

Eight Pack.

$400 x 2

Eight Sessions. One per week.

  • Eight weekly sessions
  • Prenatal Pelvic Care
  • Movement for Birth
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Injury Prevention and Recovery
  • Build postnatal strength, flexibility, stamina

"About 2 months ago I was referred to Sophie by a friend who described her as a “magician”. At the time I had been having back issues and was struggling with mobility.

Our 1-1 sessions started with a very detailed history and Sophie took the time to understand my issues and really help me gain a thorough understanding of how things were before we could improve them. She has really helped me immensely with my back and pelvic issues and is so caring, compassionate, and patient with me.

Even in this difficult time of online sessions she is able to notice very minor errors in my posture and position and correct them in a way that I can understand and follow her direction and advice. As far as I’m concerned she is indeed a magician and I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

Mama Siddhika, UK.

"Having done Pilates for many years it was easy to underestimate the impact of birth on my pelvic floor, alignment and core co-ordination. Sophie's post natal classes have assisted me to tune in to my body's need for deep care and support amid life with a newborn, and have set me on a gentle yet efficient road to functional recovery. 

Sophie is a gem, one of those instructors you hold onto once you find them. Her classes are deeply informed and delivered with a warm clarity and I feel very much confident in her teaching."

Kelly, Vic.

Private online Motherbody Pilates sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your individual Motherbody.


Have you been told to...

✨ Do pelvic floor or core exercises, but you're not sure how?!

✨ Have you been doing those pelvic floor and core exercises but you're still leaking or having pain?


Do you want to...

✨ Prepare your body to give birth more easily?

✨ Rehabilitate your postpartum body after birth?

✨ Safely return to your favourite exercise after your baby is born?

I can help you with this!  

Together, we'll approach your remarkable body with kindness and reverence. We'll become curious about how your body moves and how she feels.

We'll pay attention to how she responds to each different movement. We'll adapt and adjust exercises to be specific to your exact needs.

We'll identify ways you can build a movement practice into your motherlife so that it's not just about what you do on the mat. It's about how you are in your body all of the time.

Motherbody Mentoring will help you learn to care for and tend to the specific requirements your body has during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. It'll provide you with the foundations of movement and bodycare you need for the long term health and function of your body. This is a practice you do AS WELL AS, not instead of your favourite exercise.

Because mum-life is like the looongest endurance sport, and your body needs kindness, care, and attention so she can support you through the many years of mothering ahead.

During your Initial Consultation (online):

  • We'll chat about your history, any injuries, how your birth was, or how you hope it'll be, what you most want to get out of your session.

  • Simple exercises so I can see how your body moves.

  • Movements tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Optional class recording will be sent to you after the session.

After your first consultation we can then dive deeper into what you want to focus on. Whether that's birth preparation, or recovery, or on going motherbody care. Together we'll create a movement practice that aligns with your goals, lifestyle, body and personality.

Motherbody Pilates can help you with...

  • Hip or lower back or pelvic pain.
  • Leaking, or wanting to prevent leaking. Even if it's just a little bit sometimes, like when you sneeze or exercise.
  • Heaviness, aching, or a dragging, or bulging feeling in your pelvic floor region - could be Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor Tightness - can feel like hip or low back pain, tight hips, constipation, general tension in the pelvis and pelvic floor.
  • A squishy, doming, coning, burning, or gaping feeling in the midline of your belly - Diastasis Recti, the stretching, thinning and sometimes separation of the abdominal wall.
  • Pain in your pelvis, tail bone pain, hip pain, pelvic clunking, feeling unstable, sacro illiac or pubic symphsis pain - Pelvic Girdle Pain.
  • Feeling disconnected or empty in your core, weak through your abs, unstable when you lunge, like your butt muscles have amnesia, you're feeling a bit vulnerable and want to exercise but don't know what's safe for you to do right now.


Motherbody consultation's take the guess work out of birth preparation and rehabilitation. They provide YOU with the support and guidance you NEED to help you prepare your body for birth AND to thoroughly recover afterwards.
Motherbody Mentoring is perfect for you if you're...
  • Preparing for birth.
  • Recovering from birth.
  • New to pilates or exercise, or returning after a break. 
  • Rehabilitating or managing an injury or ongoing pain. 
  • Too tired or overwhelmed to leave the house but you still want to exercise.
  • Want accountability to show up for yourself, and specific support for your unique body and goals.



You, me, an hour on zoom.

Sessions run weekly and are recorded for you to return back to.

Sessions are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

Single Consult.


One Session

  • Initial Consultation
  • For questions, injuries or concerns specific to your body
  • To see if this is the help you're looking for
  • To clarify content from one of my classes, workshops or courses


Four Pack.


Four sessions

  • Four sessions
  • Prenatal Care
  • Or Birth Prep
  • Or Postnatal Rehab.
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Foundations
  • Birth injury prevention and recovery

Eight Pack.

$400 x 2

Eight Sessions

  • Eight themed sessions
  • Prenatal Pelvic Care
  • Movement for Birth
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Injury Prevention and Recovery
  • Build postnatal strength, flexibility, stamina

Hi, I'm Sophie!

I love supporting women to nurture and restore their bodies before and after giving birth.

I'm an integrative movement practitioner, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, pilates teacher, postpartum doula, shiatsu therapist, and certified Body Ready Method (TM) pro

I'm a mama of two young children based in Melbourne, Australia, and have a knack for thinking up ways you can support your body inside tiny pockets of time and without exhausting yourself.

1:1 Motherbody pilates classes will help you to prepare your body for birth and/or rehabilitate your postnatal body after birth.

If you feel a bit worried as to how baby is going to get out, or a bit squishy, lost, and fragile after birth, these classes will support you to create space in your pelvis, foster strength for motherhood, release and decrease tension, and feel like yes, you can trust your incredible body again.

You'll learn how to work kindly and consistently with your body to create more balance, connect with your pelvic floor, unwind tight shoulders, and decrease tension, pain, and leaking.