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Motherbody: Core Foundations

Core Recovery Foundations for your post birth Mamabody.

Here's what you'll get:

1. Learn: The key principles of core recovery and how to apply them to your particular body.

2. Take away: Simple exercises you can easily do at home to help you care for your postpartum body.

3. Feel: Connected to your body again. Like you matter. Like your body matters. 

** You will need a spiky ball or a massage ball, even a tennis ball will do! **

Care for your body during motherhood so you can be the present and connected mama you want to be. 💛

What People Are Saying:

Sophie’s postnatal pilates course was the perfect reintroduction to exercise and rebuilding core strength after two pregnancies. Sophie is always welcoming, well-informed and provides supportive and individualized feedback. She described things in a way that helped me to understand and move more safely and comfortably in class and in everyday life


Hi Sophie, I really appreciated dropping in on your class today. Thank you so much it was like being given a gift - a valuable reminder to give some time in my day to my body and needs


I just wanted to say I loved the class today. I've been feeling short of breath all morning and now feel like I’m breathing more deeply and freely. Thank you!


Your classes have been a great help as I’ve started moving my body again after birth. I’ve really noticed a difference and can feel my body is slowly getting stronger and more stable. So thank you!


I feel like I’ve done a tricep dip for my pelvis!

Mama Siddhika

Hi Sophie, loving the content. I’m loving how much I'm learning about my own anatomy in how it feels in my body and how it all works together - or sometimes doesn’t! Looking forward to what's coming next.

Mama Zoe

Having done Pilates for many years it was easy to underestimate the impact of birth on my pelvic floor, alignment and core co-ordination. Sophie's post natal classes have assisted me to tune in to my body's need for deep care and support amid life with a newborn, and have set me on a gentle yet efficient road to functional recovery. Sophie is a gem, one of those instructors you hold onto once you find them. Her classes are deeply informed and delivered with a warm clarity and I feel very much confident in her teaching.


Sophie has a strong commitment to helping each mum to build an accurate connection with our pelvic floor and develop an understanding as to how the pelvic floor recovers in unison with your breathing. I loved the way she armed you with this knowledge for life...rather than just delivering a set of movements without explaining the meaning behind them. I feel much more confident that I can develop my strongest body ever whilst being patient and attending to my pelvic floor in the first instance. Thank you Sophie for helping us mama’s get our strength and confidence back!

Mama Liz