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Motherbody: Monthly Membership

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MOTHERBODY membership

Really good Pilates and Bodycare, especially for Mothers 

The membership includes:

1. A LIVE online weekly Postnatal Pilates class and recording.

2. Monthly LIVE Q&A or a seasonal Bodycare Circle.

3. Seasonal self care or movement immersions.

3. Motherbody: Core Recovery Foundations course  

4. Large library of on demand Postnatal Pilates classes.

** Postnatal classes are seasonal: Classes circle around different movement themes related to the seasons. Summer is upper back and shoulder girdle focus. Autumn is breathing and arm focus. Winter is back body and hip focus. Spring is side body and deep inner line focus.

** The first 7 days are FREE so you can trial the classes.**

What People Are Saying:

Being a part of Sophie's Motherbody Membership is such a privilege - this is a really special program. Sophie's approach to movement and the maternal body is so incredibly kind, supportive and intelligent. Her guidance has been truly invaluable to me. I'm 2.5 years post-partum and being able to join this program from home every week has been especially appreciated through the chaos of early motherhood! I can't recommend the Motherbody Membership enough.


After doing a class with Sophie, I always feel relaxed but also like my body has been switched on. The movements are really focused and thoughtful, gentle but strong, and always relevant to how I move and work my body every day as a Mum. I started pilates with Sophie while I was pregnant and have been part of the Motherbody membership for two years now, and I love it. The online content means I can access videos whenever suits me, and I can pick out ones with particular exercises that I know work my body well, but there are also weekly online classes to attend which keeps me accountable and helps me feel like I'm part of a community. Would definitely recommend giving it a go if you've had a baby - even if you had your baby ages ago!


Thank you again for being such a fabulous pilates instructor. You have been such a gentle, thoughtful and present teacher, enriching my knowledge of my body and how best I can continue to care for it. I've learnt a wealth of things that most excitingly I actually reflect on and apply most days!


I’m doing between 1-3 classes/ week and really noticing the difference. I tend to do the core/ lower abs 1hr long class. And I’m feeling so much stronger and with less lower back pain- hooray! ... I’m really happy with the membership. I access it when I can, and I do which class resonates with me on the day. My time is limited and so it’s nice knowing it’s there when I can get to it... I guess this is why the membership has worked so well for me, because I can get to it whenever I have a gap.


The pilates sessions with Sophie have been AMAZING! They have been such an awesome way to take time out of my week and focus on me, (Fridays at 11am never seem to work for me sadly so I normally take time on Saturday mornings which are nice) I really like how they have progressed through to explain the 360 breathing and all encompassing pelvic floor work. So much so that I just had a second pelvic floor exam with my women's health physio and I have gone from 2/5 in pelvic floor strength at 6weeks postpartum to 4/5 6months postpartum which I am very proud of and my physio was impressed by.


I wanted to let you know how much I got out of the Motherbody series. I think first and foremost I found being able to connect with yourself and other mothers in the live classes during this strange strange time to be so therapeutic in itself. I would always leave the live classes feeling much more at ease within myself. The work we did in each class (especially opening the diaphragm to aid breathing deeply) and being able to focus that time on my own body was really beneficial both mentally and physically too. I also love that the course helped me reset my expectations of where I should be on my postpartum journey and encouraged me to be kind and patient with my body.


Having done Pilates for many years it was easy to underestimate the impact of birth on my pelvic floor, alignment and core co-ordination. Sophie's post natal classes have assisted me to tune in to my body's need for deep care and support amid life with a newborn, and have set me on a gentle yet efficient road to functional recovery. Sophie is a gem, one of those instructors you hold onto once you find them. Her classes are deeply informed and delivered with a warm clarity and I feel very much confident in her teaching.


Motherbody has been so instrumental in getting my body back. I’m so so grateful. Your gentle and thorough work has been so very wonderful. I think I’m now at a point that I can do a non-post-partum class and I often do some additional or extra sets in amongst when you're explaining things in your class. My body feels different. Stronger, taller and more stable. My glutes, back and core are really great and I experience very little injury now. Pilates is going to always be a part of my routine though and you’ve set me up for success. Your calm, relaxed manner and the really good Pilates you offer is definitely a big part of my life.


I have also been meaning to thank you so much for your classes. You are a wonderful instructor. I find the classes beneficial on many levels. I enjoy building body awareness. And it is super helpful the information you share with us along the way. The guided breathing and focus on the pelvic floor is so important. Not all of these aspects are covered in other classes. So I appreciate the thought that has gone into creating the series that you have. I so look forward to my classes with you!


I just wanted to send a huge thank you your way for your gentle yet strong guidance throughout my pregnancy. Such important work you are doing and I’m very glad to have found you! It certainly held me in good stead for my 30 hour labour.


Sophie's classes strike a balance of strength, mobility, and body awareness. Her teaching style is encouraging and nurturing, and she's always more than happy to help and answer any questions. I always look forward to Sophie's classes and feel great afterward. I've felt physically strong and mobile throughout my pregnancy, and really credit prenatal pilates for that.


Sophie brought some grounding and calm in a time of chaos. She created a warm online atmosphere for prenatal pilates. She checked in with everyone before the start and made sure to target any areas that were troubling us. I loved that we focused on opening the body and breath which I really needed. I also liked that each week had a theme and the series built on each other. Highly recommend Sophie's online prenatal classes.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Motherbody course & highly recommend it to any woman that has had a baby. I started the course when my daughter was 3 months old and without a doubt my body has been able to recover faster as a result. I am much more in tune with my body, in particular when bending over to pick up my daughter as I am now conscious of engaging my core first. Doing the Motherbody course has given me the knowledge and tools to be able to incorporate exercises into my everyday life. I am also able to read how I'm feeling and attend to the areas of my body before they flare up. I feel I would be a lot tighter in the neck, shoulders and back areas otherwise. Thank you Sophie for a fantastic course.


Sophie is a wonderful teacher. I really appreciated her responsiveness to the particular issues we were encountering in our pregnancy and her adaptation of the classes (and recordings) to suit where we were at. She clearly has a passion for the workings of a healthy pelvic floor and I learnt a lot through her classes about this as well.


I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sophie’s online prenatal pilates. The online platform is easy to participate in, with Sophie providing step by step instructions and clear explanations throughout the class, along with feedback on positioning etc as required. The online access to the recorded version of the class is also an excellent added feature meaning that I can do classes multiple times during the week at times convenient to me and the classes are great value for money. I always feel good both physically and mentally after completing one of Sophie’s classes.