Motherbody: Core Recovery

For better core and pelvic floor function for after your baby is born.

Get out of pain. Feel stronger. Develop awareness of your body. 



This is a postpartum core rehab program to do AS WELL AS, not instead of, all the other things you love doing.


It's what you do AFTER the early period of postpartum rest and BEFORE returning to everyday life or your favourite exercise.


Six key modules helping you to  rehabilitate from the inside out layer by layer. Breathing, deep core, alignment, glutes, upper back, functional movement, managing pressure.  


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Motherbody: Core Recovery is for you if... 

  • You've ever given birth. 
  • Your body feels tight but weak. Tired. Heavy. More floppy than you'd like. 
  • You have things going on like a low belly pooch, a waddle when you walk, your low back aches, your tight hips hurt, pelvic pain, prolapse, ab separation, or incontinence.
  • You're scared to cough, sneeze, or be spontaneous with the kids because you're worried about leaking.
  • You've been told to do pelvic floor or core exercises, but you're not sure how.
  • You want more than just another set of pelvic floor exercises, or to be told to go for a walk.
  • You struggle to make caring for yourself a priority.
  • It's been a while since you've been to a class and it feels scary to join something again.  
  • You want to exercise again, you really do! But you're not sure where to start. 




This course is ideal for you if you...


☀️ Feel a bit worried about the state of your body and you want a safe, welcoming class.  

☀️ Want a program tailored to the needs of your post birth body that you can easily do at home.

☀️ Want accountability to show up for yourself, to be cared for, to be guided to nurture your body.

☀️ Want to feel at home in your body again, like you can trust and depend on her, and feel confident she won't fail you.

☀️ Had your baby six weeks ago, or longer - 6 months or 6 years or 16 years ago is fine! There's no time limit to caring for your Motherbody. 

 👉🏽 This course is not for you if you just want a 'workout' and have no interest in understanding the way your body works. 

 ** For this course you will need a spiky ball or a massage ball, even a tennis ball will do! **



Here's what you'll get:


1. Learn the SIX key principles of core rehab to help you bridge the gap between early postpartum recovery and 'back to normal life'.

2. Understand how to work with your body to prevent injury whilst going about your everyday life and/or getting the most out your favourite exercise program or class.

3. Take away simple exercises you can easily do at home to help you care for your postpartum body every single day.

4. Feel connected to your body again. Like you matter. Like your body matters. 

Join Motherbody: Core Recovery

For your mamabody.

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Hey ThereI'm Sophie!

I'm a qualified pilates teacher, postpartum doula, shiatsu therapist and mother of two. I've helped thousands of women with a range of pelvic and core health issues over the past 18 years in my clinical practice. 

Helping women befriend their body with kindness and reverence is my jam. Providing mamas like you with tools and knowledge to feel connected, strong and at home in your body after giving birth, even years after, is why I created Motherbody: Core. 

This course provides you with the foundations of core recovery that I wish EVERY mum could learn to be able to easily care for her mamabody for the long term. 

This is a program you do AS WELL AS, not instead of, all the other things you love doing.

Want to know if this course is right for you? Contact me with your questions via [email protected]


What others are saying 👇


"Sophie has really helped me immensely with my back and pelvic issues and is so caring, compassionate, and patient with me." 



"I would absolutely recommend the course to any woman postpartum - it's really enriched my postpartum experience and helped me take pride in my body again. I've picked up so many different tricks and tools that I use multiple times a day"



"Thank you so much it was like being given a gift - a valuable reminder to give some time in my day to my body and needs."