MOTHERBODY membership

Pilates for Postpartum Core Recovery and Bodycare. 

With  particular focus on Pelvic Floor and Deep Core rehabilitation.
An online monthly membership designed especially for Mothers.  
Movement. Bodywork. Postpartum Care. Community. 

Pilates for Postpartum Recovery and bodycare. Helping you tend to and care for your body through Motherhood.


👉🏽 Wondering how to do the exercises your physio gave you for ab separation or leaky pelvic floor?

👉🏽 Not sure how to lift safely to protect your pelvic floor?

👉🏽 Drawing a blank on what to do to unwind those tight, sore shoulders? 

👉🏽 Ongoing pain in your hips, pelvis or lower back?

👉🏽 Been told you need to decrease pelvic floor tightness?

👉🏽 Struggling to love your postpartum belly pooch?

👉🏽 Trying to remember what exercises you can do at home when you have a moment to yourself?


The Motherbody ONLINE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP will help you to...

1. Recover from Birth.

2. Get out of pain.

4. Feel stronger in your body.


You'll get 👇🏽

☀️ 4 x Pilates for POSTpartum classes per month taught live on Saturdays 9 am Melbourne time. Send your partner out with the littles, roll out of bed, turn up in your PJ's, start the weekend with something specially for you!

☀️ A large library of on demand/pre recorded PREnatal Pilates and Pilates for POSTpartum classes and workshops for you to do anywhere anytime. Workshops include Movement for Birth, Postpartum Planning, The Pelvic Floor Workshop, The Mama Shoulders Workshop.

☀️ 2 x Q&A sessions per season. These run on the third Thursday evening of the month 7.30 - 8.30 pm Melbourne time. Ask questions and receive feedback specific to your body and your circumstances.

☀️ 1 x Bodycare Circle per season. These run on the third Thursday evening of the month in the first month of the Season, just before the Equinox or the Solstice. 7.30 - 8.30 pm Melbourne time. Self oil massage and intention setting for the coming season.

All Pilates for POSTpartum classes and monthly LIVE sessions are recorded and uploaded onto the membership platform. 

Pilates for Postpartum Classes are 50 mins of movement with a bit of time to chat if you join live. 

Pilates for Postpartum classes are taught live each week except for holidays, 2 weeks break at Summer, Easter, June, September. Actual dates to be advised. It works out to be 44 postnatal classes taught live per year. And about 8 Q&A sessions as well as four Bodycare Circles to take you deeper into caring for your mama body.

Because there's ALWAYS more to learn about caring for your Motherbody. There is no end point. This work keeps getting deeper and more interesting the further you dive in.

"I love the way Sophie arms you with this knowledge for life...rather than just delivering a set of movements without explaining the meaning behind them. I feel much more confident that I can develop my strongest body ever whilst being patient and attending to my pelvic floor in the first instance. Thank you Sophie for helping us mamas get our strength and confidence back! " Liz


Postnatal Pilates Class:
  • LIVE online weekly class - Pilates for postpartum. To get you moving at least once a week, and keep you connected to other mums. 
  • Large library of on demand content. Do classes as much as you like.
  • Pilates classes cycle through seasonal themes:
    1. Summer - Upper back, and shoulders.
    2. Autumn - Breathing,  deep core, arms.
    3. Winter - Alignment, glutes and hamstrings.
    4. Spring - Side body, deep core, side glutes.
    5. Each class includes specific exercises for pelvic floor and abs.
Holding Space Circles:
  • Monthly LIVE Holding space circles support you as you move deeper into motherhood.
  • Bodycare Circles - offer guided self oil massage and oxytocin boosting planning for the season.
  • Mothercare Circles - involve working with the emotions in relation to how they show up in the body. Joy. Grief. Fear. Anger. 
  • Seasonal Q&A Circles  give you the chance to ask for help in relation to the particular needs of your body. 
Seasonal Immersions: 
  • One self care immersion every other season. Guided by the five principles of postpartum care. Six weeks of oxytocin boosting goodness with simple rituals for self care.
  • One movement immersion every other season. Develop a daily movement practice to help build strength, mobility and tenderness for your body. 

"The class was gentle and encouraging and also satisfyingly strong. It cajoled me into moving my body when I didn't really feel like it. And goodness I felt better after. I felt SO much better! I didn't feel exhausted at all. Instead I felt rejuvenated." Olivia


Body. Birth. Movement. Mothering.

Pilates for Postpartum Core Recovery and Bodycare. 


** 7 day free trial. **

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After teaching Pilates for 20 years, I know that if you book into something, you're WAY more likely to tend to your body than if you think you'll just do some stretches at home when your baby's sleeping and then can't remember what to do! Join us, and learn movements you can incorporate into your week. AND check in with us each week to help keep you accountable to yourself.


In motherhood time just slips away. Tasks get done in small chunks or not at all. So rather than figuring out babysitting, sleep/feed/poop logistics, and packing ALL the things to get out to a class. Why not send your partner out with the kids on a Sat morning, roll out of bed, stay home in your PJ's, take some time to yourself and sneak some restorative movement into your day. 


Mothering can be SO isolating! And it can be such a relief to know that other mums struggle to prioritise their wellbeing too. It's not. Just. You. Come and join a live session and connect with us! Let's move our bodies and take care of ourselves together. Even if you pop in just to say hi, or join for 10, or 30 mins, you're SO welcome AND there's always a recording you can do later.


Caring for your body with kindness and reverence.

Connect with your body. Trust your body. Feel at home in your body.

The Motherbody membership is a holding space for mothers. It won't turn you into an athlete. It won't give you a six pack. It will hold you gently through the years of motherhood when you feel vulnerable and tired. 

The Motherbody membership will help you to...

  • Prioritise yourself when you feel like there's no time for you. 
  • Learn and practice exercises that will support your body to release tension and build strength.
  • Lay down foundations of movement into your body each week that are really, really healthy.  

Because movement is like sleep deprivation. It's cumulative. Over time, it adds up. One class a week, or 5 mins exercise a day over a period of years is really different to nothing at all over the same period. The way you move and care for your body now will influence how you feel inside your body in the years ahead. Movement matters. Your body matters. 



The Motherbody membership has been carefully and lovingly designed over many years of teaching and working with mums, to meet the specific and changing needs of your Motherbody. You'll learn tools to tend to common postpartum aches and pains, simple movements and to help you feel stronger again. And strategies to safely manage or heal core injuries like leaking, diastasis, prolapse, pelvic and low back pain. You need never feel lost, hopeless, or alone about your Motherbody ever again. You'll have your own personal mama centred pilates teacher, shiatsu therapist, and postnatal doula, available to you right in your pocket. ✨

"I’m doing between 1-3 classes/ week and really noticing the difference. I tend to do the core/ lower abs 1hr long classes. And I’m feeling so much stronger and with less lower back pain - hooray! ... I’m really happy with the membership. I access it when I can, and I do which class resonates with me on the day. My time is limited and so it’s nice knowing it’s there when I can get to it... I guess this is why the membership has worked so well for me, because I can get to it whenever I have a gap." Mara


Body. Birth. Movement. Mothering.



** 7 day free trial. **

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sophie’s online prenatal pilates. The online platform is easy to participate in, with Sophie providing step by step instructions and clear explanations throughout the class, along with feedback on positioning etc as required. The online access to the recorded version of the class is also an excellent added feature meaning that I can do classes multiple times during the week at times convenient to me and the classes are great value for money. I always feel good both physically and mentally after completing one of Sophie’s classes" Keleigh