Body. Birth. Movement. Mothering.


Prenatal & postnatal, movement & bodywork, pilates & shiatsu. 

A warm, supportive, online monthly membership to help you care for and connect with your incredible mamabody. 


 Motherbody will help you trust your body. Feel at home in your body. Feel centred and connected to your body.



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It’s a Monthly Membership because...

  • Because it takes time and practice to shift movement patterns to build strength and mobility.
  • Because we never ‘get’ everything the first time. And each time we revisit a movement, a concept, an idea, we learn something new, or understand something more.
  • Because I've cared for thousands of mothers and have seen first hand how a sporadic and erratic movement and body care practice can lead to injury, loss of strength and mobility, and feeling broken.
  • Because I've seen over and over again how consistency is key to building long term body resilience. A six week course doesn't provide the ongoing support mothers need to be able to consistently sneak healthy movement into their already very full lives. 
  • Because Mothering is such a long and sometimes lonely journey, and I want to bring mama's together to support one another during motherhood so that caring for ourselves becomes just normal.
  • Because Life is inherently cyclical and our bodies are cyclical by nature. 
  • And so in Motherbody, we cycle around and around again through the fundamental principles Motherbody movement and bodycare, deepening our relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with our bodies.


Motherbody allows you to be Slow. Kind. Gentle.

With your body, with yourself.


My mission is to help women prevent and recover from injuries related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Specifically core injuries such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Diastasis Recti. Postpartum Depletion.

Motherbody is for you if...
You want to foster curiosity, tenderness, and reverence for your incredible motherbody. 
You want to learn about common conditions and injuries related to pregnancy, birth, motherhood.
You want to move through pregnancy, birth and motherhood with more gentleness and consideration for your body.
You want time and space in your very full mama life to learn and practice moving your body safely through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
You want to be part of a community of women committed to tending too, and caring for, their bodies using movement, bodywork, and simple self care practices.
Movement includes the way you are in your body, moment to moment, every single moment.

Breathing moves your body from the inside out. Muscles move you. Organs and bones support you. Blood, lymph, fluid, cells, all float inside you. Movement is life. The way you move your body matters. It matters at a fundamental level. I’m not talking about exercise, but the way you inhabit every cell of your body. How does it feel? How does it rest? How does it hold you? How does it move you?


Movement includes the way you breathe, the way you give birth, the way you hold your baby. It includes how you stand, how you walk, how you lift your toddler up to the top of the slide. It includes how you baby wear, they way you dance, the way you drink your tea. 

Caring for your body is an ongoing journey. Which is why during each season in Motherbody, we focus on particular movements and areas of the body in relation to the season. And each time you cycle through a season or workshop, intensive, or class you can explore more deeply how your body understands the information you learn.


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Want the details? 

Motherbody Includes:


Motherbody Classes:

Prenatal class - A library of on demand classes. 

Strengthen your core and keep you strong during pregnancy, prepare you for birth, help you to prevent core injuries. These classes cycle around four themes including;

  1. Balancing the Baby Room
  2. Deep Core and Centring
  3. Release for Birth
  4. Functional Movement for Motherhood.

Postnatal class - One live class per week on Saturday mornings 9 -10 am Melbourne time AND a library of on demand classes.

Safely restore and rehabilitate your post birth body. These classes are baby friendly though not baby necessary, and as long as you’ve given birth at some point, you are SO welcome to join, whether your baby is six weeks old, 6 months, 6 or 16. This class focuses on the six principles of Rehabilitating the Motherbody after giving birth including; 

  1. Breathing
  2. Deep core
  3. Alignment
  4. Managing pressure
  5. Activating the back line
  6. Functional movement for motherhood. 

AND these classes also cycle through the seasons of the year, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season correlates to a meridian system in the body. And, each meridian system shows similarities with one of the myofascial trains as taught by Tom Myers. So each season, the Motherbody postnatal classes are taught inside of a larger theme according to the season. And within the season, each class has a particular focus drawn from the principles of Motherbody Birth Rehabilitation.


Postnatal Seasonal Themes include:

Summer: Heart and Small Intestine Meridian, back arm line myofascial train. Functional movement is pulling, hanging, overhead arm movements. Thoracic/upper back Extension.

Autumn: Lung and Large Intestine Meridian, front arm line myofascial train. Functional movement is pushing, reaching, carrying, holding. Breathing.

Winter: Kidney and Bladder meridians, superficial back line myofascial train. Functional movement is Squatting, hip extension, activating the backline, extension. Alignment.

Spring: Liver and Gallbladder meridians, Deep Front Line and Lateral Line myofascial trains. Functional movement is lunging, connecting the deep front line, rotation, single leg work, preparing to run. Managing Pressure.

At the heart of all this and covered every month: Spleen and Stomach meridians, superficial front line, Functional movement, deep core work, flexion, connecting everything through centre. Centring.


Motherbody Workshops:

Movement for Birth - prenatal birth prep, to help you give birth more easily, more gently and with less injury to your body. Learn the principles of how to prepare your body for birth in this workshop, and practice the movements in the weekly classes to train your body for birth.

Postpartum Planning - to help you prepare for better healing in the early weeks after giving birth. Learn about the five universal principles of postpartum care and how you can plan for better healing and more joy in early motherhood.

The Pelvic Floor Workshop - to help you connect with and release your pelvic floor. You’ll learn where your pelvic floor is, how to feel it, how to move it, why it matters, what symptoms require more rehabilitation, and where to get more help if you need it. Learn how to connect with and activate your pelvic floor in this workshop, and then practice what you learn in the weekly classes.

The Mama Shoulders Workshop - your arms and shoulders spend hours and hours carrying, cradling, holding your baby and little children. This can create feelings of pain, aching, and tension in your shoulders that can be so hard to recover from. Learn easy tools and techniques you can do at home to release tension and safely build strength. Get more clarity around how to move and activate your upper back and shoulders in this workshop, and practice what you learn in the weekly classes.

Bodycare Circle: (Previously this was called Motherbody Circle) This is a free class taught once each season to introduce the theme of the month. For example in Autumn, we’ll look at the Lung meridian and the front arm line. And this circle is mostly focused around tending to your body using self care massage style techniques. We’ll use tools like a spiky ball or some massage oil and take time to release tension and give our body some love from the outside and breathing techniques to regenerate our bodies from the inside.


Motherbody Core Foundations:

Birth Rehab/Restore Intensive - four weeks, one workshop per week, 5 mins of movement each day, four principles of movement. Learn the fundamentals to healing your body after giving birth including; 

  • Breathing. 
  • Deep Core. 
  • Alignment.
  • Activating the backline.
  • Managing Pressure. 
  • Functional Movement for Motherhood.


Motherbody 1:1 sessions:

1:1 online appointments at a discount. Sometimes we just need some 1:1 support and so as a Motherbody member, you’ll be able to book 1:1 online sessions with me at a discount. 

**All classes and workshops are recorded and uploaded onto the membership platform for you to repeat, or do at a convenient time for you incase you can't join live.**


Workshop and Intensive dates through to Dec  30th. Pre recorded classes available.

2023 Motherbody monthly live dates:


  • Q&A Jan 19th 
  • Q&A Feb 16th


  • BC Circle Mar 16th
  • Q&A April 20th 
  • Q&A May 18th


  • BC Circle June 15th
  • Q&A July 20th 
  • Q&A August 17th
  • BC Circle Sept 21st 
  • Q&A Oct 19th
  • Q&A Nov 16th
  • BC Circle Dec 14th (second thursday of the month so it's not too close to Christmas!) 

This works out to be -

  • 48 postnatal classes each per year.
  • 4 Bodycare Circles.
  • 8 Q&A sessions for personal support and feedback
  • A bunch of pre recorded on demand content.
  • $60 per month
  • $15 per week
  • $2 per day 💛

How much do you matter mama?

Does it matter if you feel broken?

Does it matter if you feel cared for?

Does it matter if you’re able to take time to tend to and care for this body of yours who grew and birthed and now cares for your baby?

Does it matter if you hurt and ache in your back, or pelvis, or hips or shoulders?

Does it matter if you leak when you run to stop your toddler from wandering onto the road?

Does it matter if you don't feel quite right in your body after giving birth?

Does it matter if you always put yourself last?


Motherbody is a place where you can give some much deserved love to your very incredible Mamabody during any stage of motherhood.



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