Nurture Her.

A postpartum body recovery planner.

How to care for your post-birth body with kindness and reverence. 






Nurture Her, is an ebook to help you plan for healing, recovery, peace and joy during motherhood.


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In this postpartum planner you'll learn...

  • Why postnatal care is SO important.
  • How long the postpartum period really lasts.
  • Confronting statistics around injuries and mental health in motherhood.


  • A week by week guide for the first six weeks post birth to support recovery.
  • Pelvic floor care, wound healing, and supporting breastfeeding.
  • Six week check suggestions to ask your doctor about.
  • Why and how to celebrate yourself as a new mama!
  • The ongoing mothercare plan for the looong years of motherhood ahead.


  • Why rest matters!
  • What nourishing foods to eat to support healing.
  • How to plan for more peace and joy in motherhood and why oxytocin is SO important.


  • Prevent injury
  • Learn how to help wounds heal faster and better  
  • Protect healing by modifying everyday movements
  • How to safely return to exercise  


  • Why your partner is not a postpartum plan!
  • Learn EXACTLY what sort you will need support and why 
  • How to gather support from friends, family, and professionals 

"This e book invites kindness. It is something I could come back to again and again." Mama Rea


Buy Nurture Her now for $25

Nurture Her offers you a simple framework within which you can weave the healing of your remarkable body, right after you’ve given birth and throughout your many years of mothering ahead.

"Your e-book is absolutely beautiful Sophie. Your words are so nourishing and kind, and reading them filled me with a comforting sense of peace, acceptance and respect for my marvelous motherbody and the delicate process of its recovery. You've beautifully combined important and valuable information; respectful guidance; and plenty of questions and inspiration for personal reflection and planning, which I just love. You had me thinking about lots of aspects that previously I had not considered at all.

Thank you for putting this out into the world, it's so incredibly valuable."

Mama Gabby


"I'm about halfway through your ebook and it's just wonderful, I've started scribbling lots of answers to the prompts already and finding it so helpful to conceptualise what postpartum might be like. You are a very talented writer!" Camilla

This guide is a must have for all mother's to learn how to support and care for their unique postpartum body! Jam packed with useful information that we are not told after giving birth, Sophie sheds light on practical tools that all mummas can use to heal and support their bodies after childbirth including safe return to exercise and how to repair pelvic floor and abdominal issues. Highly recommend! Kate Harrison 

"The love and care that Sophie has for new mothers is woven through every page of this guide. It was not only a joy to read but full of so much valuable information and shared wisdom for those planning their postpartum. Truly one of the most holistic, practical and accessible postpartum guides I have seen. A real gift.” Anne Williams, Postpartum Mentor at Blissful Mothers

Sophie's book helped me see the importance of the postpartum period, honouring this time and my body. I've come to understand the value of doing what I can for my body during this time to set myself up in good stead for the future. The resources and questions posed by Sophie have opened conversations with my family about our hopes and expectations for this time.  An easy, accessible, and worthwhile read! Hanna

As someone whose natural inclination is to be busy  - through working long hours as well as training for endurance events, your book was a very reassuring reminder to slow down, enjoy early motherhood and prioritise healing through rest. 

The book has given me some great ideas for strategies to relax, heal and willingly accept support from those around me. Jo Creswell.

“Just wanted to let you know that I worked through the planner with my partner and we both found it really useful! Such a brilliant tool and it has really helped me feel like I'm ready for the next period.” Claire.

"Highly recommend! Grab a cuppa and settle in and let the author guide you gently through your post natal journey." Millie

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The first 42 days after birth is just the beginning of your life as a mother. Whilst this planner is aimed at the first six weeks after giving birth, it will also work beyond that through the fourth trimester and throughout your many years of mothering. You can come back to this planner anytime you're feeling depleted and overwhelmed and need reminding that you need taking care of too.  

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